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Gaming Tables

IPG International offers comprehensive leading table gaming equipment, unique proprietary product brands, product knowledge and services to fulfil any customer requirement.

We are the preeminent company to partner with when operating, managing or investing in table gaming products within the Asia Pacific gaming industry and region.

IPG International can help manage existing operations or initiate new projects, and we can offer access to the most respected gaming table manufacturers and brands in the casino business, with worldwide reputations.

After Sales Service

Our proficient and experienced sales team is available to ensure all operations are maintained at the highest technical standards and operational efficiency within a 24 hour response time.

Product Variety

We offer a diversified portfolio of table gaming products, services and distribution arrangements with leading-edge casino gaming equipment suppliers to ensure you have access to the best table gaming equipment


IPG International can supply both the initial and ongoing management for a variety of table gaming operations and equipment


Now more than ever, successful casino operations need the best slot machines and gaming systems to keep patrons satisfied. Part of our responsibility is to keep our fingers on the pulse of the casino gaming world on behalf of our clients, sourcing innovation and cutting-edge gaming products for your casino.

Lunar Poker is five card draw poker played against the house. Players are empowered with unique and multiple options where they can improve their hand to play against the dealer. At the same time, unprecedented side bet odds are on offer, along with the fully complimentary Instant Cash Payout bonus feature. The player can bet on their own hand, other player’s hands and even the dealer’s hand.

Instant Payout Bonus: A first 5-card royal flush or straight flush will be paid anywhere from 1,000-1 to 1,500-1 and 200-1 to 500-1 respectively, on the ante without any additional side bet.  This is a true bonus feature for the player.

SUPER Wager: High paying side bet with 8 combinations for the first five cards, including 200 to 1 for a four of a kind and 100 to 1 for a full house paid on the SUPER bet.

Draw Option: Exchange 2-5 cards or buy a 6th card for the price of 1x ante to improve initial hand against the dealer.  The dealer cannot draw and stays on their first five cards

 Bet on the Dealer’s hand: Place a SUPER wager on the dealer’s hand and win if the dealer has one of the 8 SUPER combinations.

Bet on any other player’s hand: Place a SUPER wager on any other player’s hand and win if they have a SUPER combination.

Double Combination Feature: Get paid on 2 poker combinations in one winning hand, where only the highest combination has to beat the dealer for both combinations to be paid.

Lunar Poker is easy to learn and fun to play for all levels of poker experience


IPG International Layouts

  • Durable Synthetic Fabric
  • Choice of any pantone CMYK Colors
  • Heat sublimation process
  • Water and burn resistant
  • Manufactured in Thailand, ExWorks Bangkok
  • One price for any design of table game layout, no matter it is a roulette or blackjack size!
  • Free design charges on orders of 50 plus pieces
  • Short lead time, subject to a production slot
  • Free cutting, packing, and wrapping for international shipping.



When it comes to purchasing gaming tables for your operation, IPG International gaming table selection is vast. We excel in high-end VIP table builds as well as the mass gaming floor builds.

You can choose from our default designs or custom builds depending on your budget.

From hard wood to teak, laminate to veneer to duco paint, the choices are varied. From PVC to leather cushion surrounds, the choice of colors is numerous.

From laminate to marbon / marble drink surrounds, IPG International’s team of expert furniture makers can supply your needs.


The IPG International Sicbo table incorporates the latest high resolution LED 60″ screen for the betting area and a high performance 10″ touch screen for the Dealers Game Interface.

Default or customize screen betting odds for your region with a choice of color betting backgrounds

Winning number results display come in a variety of designs to choose from.

Outer table design can be default or custom built to your specifications.

Cammegh Roulette Wheels

The Mercury 360 is the industry’s leading intelligent roulette wheel and Cammegh’s flagship product. Elegantly fusing the unrivaled mechanical precision of the Connoisseur with the feature-packed Mercury 360 Game Engine, the Mercury 360 represents a quantum leap in manual roulette.

A sophisticated array of four discreet In-Rim sensors provide secure winning number recognition and output live data for table displays and software analysis tools.

King Roulette
automated wheels

King Roulette wheels lean towards a refined simplicity with the guiding notion of stability and endurance. Automated Roulette Wheels are enclosed with a casing, suitable for autonomous or semi-autonomous standalone operation. 

Thanks to over-engineering and the absence of components like air compressors, King Roulettes roulette wheels do not require any scheduled maintenance.

King Roulettes is the wheel of choice of some of the leading ETG manufacturers and the only automated roulette wheels manufacturer with a pool of thousands of units in a successful operation worldwide.

To adapt to customers’ styles and ideas, we extended our range of wheels models with a great choice of additional customer-specific options and customization possibilities.

Prestige – Manual Roulette Wheels

This product incorporates all features of a premium manual roulette wheel, a unique bearing system for long free rotation, genuine noble wood, extra fine finishes and durable galvanized metal surfaces.

As standard, the wheels are equipped with an integrated ball reading system to connect to an external display and eventually a table management system, such as available from our partners BHS-Bohm.

Silver Shadow Automated Roulette Wheels

This elegant and refined automated roulette wheel demands much less cleaning thanks to the dark bowl with wood grain which makes dust build-ups much less noticeable.

Also, thanks to the standard nickel plating, its metal surfaces are incredibly resistant and stay shiny for an extended period of constant operation.

Classic – Automated Roulette Wheels

The classic automated roulette wheel was perfected over a long period of manufacturing times and an extensive worldwide application.

Avant-Garde Automated Roulette Wheel

The distinguished advantage of this modern style automated roulette wheel is its increased durability ensured by using stable, modern industrial materials. Due to its less reflective surfaces, it is especially suitable for recording and online streaming.

Custom Roulette Wheels

Each market has its specifics, like player habits and regulations, and each client has its strategy for winning the markets.

We are here to make them come true for those with specific ideas. So far, we have completed various projects of custom wheels development.


Slot Bases

The IPG International slot bases, manufactured in Thailand. Our bases feature fabricated aluminium, steel, or solid wood structure.

The wooden bases are covered in high gloss paint, powder coated with laminate or veneer finishes. The bases are a solid structure and designs to accommodate open access on the sides and rears. The opening at the front allows for easy access for technical staff.

The aluminum and steel base comes in an aidonized finish, which means they will not deteriorate or rust. The construction is lighter and more reliable than the wooden bases and allows for more versatility. Each base comes in a flat pack case ready for assembling.

Slot Chairs

IPG International is an official distributor for TaoQi Gaming Furniture for the South East Asian region.

TaoQi Furniture Co., Ltd, is a professional and famous casino chair manufactured in China. Their factory encompasses 5000 square meters

TaoQi products are being sold in more than 30 countries, covering Western Europe, North Europe, Central Europe, South America, North America, Middle Asia and Africa.

TaoQi can product any custom designed chair at your request. They make the best casino chairs in terms of quality and price, ensuring that every chair is made of the best materials and to the highest quality workmanship.

Gaming Chairs

Gaming chairs built for live table games. They look fantastic and have great quality and durability!

Dimensions, colors, and fabric customizable to buyer’s preference.

Roulette Stools

Roulette stools built for live table games. They look fantastic and have great quality and durability.

Dimensions, colors, and fabric customizable to buyer’s preference.

Table Accessories

All table accessories from chip trays, seals, markers, to pre-shuffled boxes. All available here from us, please send us a specific request for prices. Chances are, if you want it, we have it!

IPG Progressive Systems

Add a progressive jackpot your tables with our proprietary IPG Progressive System. Complete with bet spaces, controller, and custom graphics! 

Available Game Choices;

  • Baccarat
  • Stud Poker
  • Pai Gow Poker
  • Blackjack

Display Screens

SET Europe Results Displays

SET-Europe produces and distributes the displays for table games with manual input on individual design: roulette, baccarat, punto blanco, blackjack, sic bo, la boule, banca francesca, craps and different games upon your request.

Can include any side bet.

Works with any shoe or manual input

Fully customizable

Cammegh Billboard Display

Cammegh’s Billboard 20/20 System integrates seamlessly with other Cammegh and 3rd party products to show game results and statistics, capture productivity data and display promotional material throughout the casino.

The Billboard Display brings table games to life with pin-sharp clarity, while networking features allow for multiple table results on one display, the playing of live video streams, and the logging and exporting of live game data.

The highly flexible front-end software allows a single Billboard Controller to host multiple games, each with fully customizable screen layouts rather than generic presets. This flexibility, along with the system’s ever-growing list of features makes the Billboard 20/20 System a highly versatile tool to enhance and optimize the gaming floor.

IPG Results Displays

The IPG International Baccarat and Dragon Tiger results display deliveres high quality, easy plug and play, units that fit all gaming tables!

Comes as stand-alone unit for the customers using their dealing shoes, or with the software integrated in to the the IPG International Automated Dealing Shoe.

Custom built controller unit is small and hides away unobtrusively under the gaming table.

Recommended for for monitors that are 22″ or larger with 780 degree viewing angle.

Comes with customized graphics incorporating your casino logo.

The on-screen text can be displayed in either English or Chinese.

Shuffle Master iScore Plus

Display Baccarat Game Results and Trends in Real Time!

Featuring a large, horizontal display and multiple new options and upgrades, the all-new i-Score™ Plus baccarat viewer now makes it even easier to attract players and display current game results and trends in real time. Plus, we’ve designed this product to work seamlessly with the i-Shoe™ Auto intelligent shoe and our hot new baccarat product Safe-Bacc™ to provide instantaneous screen updates without requiring manual data input by the dealer.
IPG is a licensed distributor of table equipment and shufflers from Scientific Games and SHFL. We are here to assist you!\

Gaming Chips

ICON Gaming Chips

With a patented design, ICON Chips provide a superior finish that will not break or wear.

Manufactured in the U.S.A, to ensure high quality construction, graphics and a superior matte finish, ICON™ chips will not break apart or wear. Featuring anti-counterfeit security measures ICON™ chips are some of the most secure in the gaming industry and thanks to the attention to detail in crafting them they have never been successfully counterfeited.


Manufactured with exclusive IPT™ Technology which embeds the printed image into the surface of the chip creating a vivid, high resolution, full-colour image the ICON™ chip will not fade or wear for the life of the chip.

Since its introduction, the ICON™ chip has been continuously improved for greater quality and durability. The high quality of the ICON™ chip is produced on remarkable automated equipment, which ultimately results in much lower prices compared to major premier class gaming chip competitors worldwide.


ICON™ chips feature spot color variations to ensure chip integrity, allowing for easy recognition of all in-play chips at a glance and eliminating the chance of counterfeits being passed successfully. Further security enhancements include UV security printing and laser engraved edges.


We can design chips to fit ANY of your needs!

Hanxin Chips and Plaques

IPG International is the authorized reseller of Hanxin chips and plaques

The Hanxin companys head office is located in Macau, with their manufactering plant situated in China . Hanxin Casino chips and plaques has been in business for several years. Hanxin has built up an international reputation with almost every coutnry and city that offers legalized gaming.

Chips and plaques are manufactured with the latest plastic molding machines.

All manufacturing processes are supported by their graphic and CAD design departments to ensure international quality and design.

For chips and plaques for the discerning operator, look no further than the Hanxin chip and plaque!


Shuffle Master ChipStar

Gentle, Yet Highly Efficient Chip Sorting

In the fast-paced world of table games, speed can make all the difference between profits and loss. With the ChipStar, you won’t just get incredibly fast chip sorting, you’ll also get superior safety, security, and reliability. And with its cutting-edge design, ChipStar lets you sort 43mm chips or smaller on all channels without losing any productivity.

IPG is a licensed distributor of table equipment and shufflers from Scientific Games and SHFL. We are here to assist you!

Shuffle Master MD3 Batch Shuffler

Take Batch Shuffler Performance to New Levels!

Leading the way in batch shuffling technology, the MD3™ features card recognition that reads and verifies every card being shuffled, bringing an unprecedented level of security to multi-deck table games like blackjack and baccarat. Its patented platform and gripper system counts and shuffles up to eight decks of cards quickly and quietly, and alerts the dealer to missing or added cards.This impressive shuffler combines all of its features to increase game revenue, enhance game
security, and provide operational efficiencies for cost savings.

IPG is a licensed distributor of table equipment and shufflers from Scientific Games and SHFL. We are here to assist you! 

Shuffle Master iShoe

Eliminate Card Swapping, Collusion, and Game Manipulation!

A smart alternative to a traditional dealing shoe, the i-Shoe® Auto is a dealer-friendly alternative that delivers cards to the front of the shoe automatically, reducing repetitive stress injuries and making the dealing process easier than ever before. With the ability to read virtually all card types and brands, our proven card-recognition technology built into the i-Shoe Auto helps eliminate card swapping, dealer/player collusion, and game manipulation.

IPG is a licensed distributor of table equipment and shufflers from Scientific Games and SHFL. We are here to assist you!

Shuffle Master One2Six

A Secure and Versatile Continuous Multi-Deck Shuffler!

The one2six® multi-deck continuous shuffler combines user-friendly state-of-the-art technology to create a premium shuffler, perfect for use on your most popular multi-deck games. Its smart card delivery system ensures a smooth and continuous card supply that verifies card quantity. From Casino War® and blackjack, to face-up baccarat, the one2six can increase hands-per-hour by more than 20 percent, maximizing your table profits. Its security features restrict card counting and shuffle tracking, and ultimately help reduce losses due to cheating.

IPG is a licensed distributor of table equipment and shufflers from Scientific Games and SHFL. We are here to assist you! 

Shuffle Master DeckMate 2

Fast, Secure, Proven.

The original DeckMate® revolutionized poker rooms when it first hit the market back in 2002 and quickly became an industry standard. The DeckMate 2 features a number of enhancements, including a shuffle time of just 22 seconds, on-board card recognition, a built-in timer to “call the clock”, and the ability to sort cards back to a suited deck. This shuffler also features a remote touchscreen display and works with all card types and brands. It’s the perfect shuffler for increasing game speed and security on single-deck blackjack, single-deck poker, and your other single-deck, hand-pitch specialty games.

IPG is a licensed distributor of table equipment and shufflers from Scientific Games and SHFL. We are here to assist you!

IPG Automated Dealing Shoe

The IPG International Automate Dealing Shoe, manufacturered in Asia, is unique to the table gaming industry.

For Live Dealer Table Games as it has options for Baccarat and Dragon Tiger games, which links to the IPG International Baccarat and Tiger Dragon Display Monitors.

For Online operations, the shoe is configured with open protocol to allow an operator to link the shoe to any third party software, making it an ideal electronic dealin shoe for online operations.

Playing Cards

IPG JUMBO Playing Cards

IPG International Brand Playing Cards – JUMBO Online Operation Playing Cards

Card Specifications

  • Size: JUMBO!
  • Paper: Plain Paper (Linen/Cambric Finish) France, Black Center
  • Printing: Two color process
  • Finishing: Varnish Coated on both sides
  • Per Deck: 52 Cards plus four jokers or four protective cards
  • Bar coded
  • Other specs available upon request

IPG Playing Cards

IPG International Brand Playing Cards – EMBOSSED 300gsm

Card Specifications

  • Size: 3.5″ x 2.5″ – American Poker Size
  • Paper: Embossed Paper (Linen/Cambric Finish) France, Black Center
  • Printing: Two color process
  • Finishing: Varnish Coated on both sides
  • Per Deck: 52 Cards plus four jokers or four protective cards

IPG International Brand Playing Cards – EMBOSSED 270gsm

Card Specifications

  • Size: 3.5″ x 2.5″ – American Poker Size
  • Paper: Plain Paper (Linen/Cambric Finish) France, Black Center
  • Printing: Two color process
  • Finishing: Varnish Coated on both sides
  • Per Deck: 52 Cards plus four jokers or four protective cards