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Casino Management and Consultancy Services

We turn operations around

Our consultative process is aimed at improving things in your business and turning them around to reap successful gains. Even if you are doing well, we can add specific expertise to broaden efficiencies and in-house improvements to the way you operate.

We offer the best technical proficiencies and cost-sensitive solutions. Our world-class and market-leading equipment include slots, junkets and tables. Because of our network, we can offer premium solutions on an affordable budget. More affordable than you might think.

Build on our trust and experience and improve your gains.

kiss casino management

KISS Management System

KISS Casino Management System was established since 1990 by a group of professional casino management people.

The system is designed to simplicity but effective casino management solutions for small to medium size casinos of 200 gaming tables or less.

KISS is an easy to use and highly effective reposting system that gives the operator total control of cash and chip movement on the casino floor.

It comes in an English and Chinese version, which makes it attractive for the South East Asian market.

Key Features;

  • Manage casino table gaming operations
  • Track players and manage personal details securely
  • Organize junket and commission payments
  • Create any number of audit trails and management reports
  • Data mine comprehensive statistics in real time
  • Administer soft count
  • Protect sensitive information from unauthorized access attempts

Key Benefits;

  • User friendly screens and menus
  • Fully scalable to the casino needs
  • Flexible and customized solutions
  • Save time by avoiding the double entry processes
  • Be in command of your revenues and win/loss percentages
  • Multi-currency chip banks
myACP casino management

MyACP Management System

MyACP is a modular casino management system, launched in 2001, that can be ideally adapted to meet therequirements of discerning casino operators and most international gaming regulations. The flexible system is highly suitable for smallarcades as well as large casino operations. Thanks to its innovative and user-friendly design, almost 1,200 gaming locations in 26countries already trust this powerful tool. It runs on a highly protected internet connection based on secure firewall and encryption,uses a highly secure data transfer protocol, provides a full information back-up of the database and offers the possibility of automatedstorage. Constant development and system upgrades guarantee an ongoing efficiency improvement on the gaming floor, while alsodelivering a state-of-the-art customer experience for players. It is the proven and secure way to take control of your gaming operation,reduce costs and drive revenue.

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